Recording Studio

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Continuumusic offers the best recording facilities for your next project.  Whether it’s a quick demo to a full blown album, we can help you get the results you dream of.  Our newly renovated control room is now open for your recording needs.  The studio offers seven unique isolation booths for separating out instruments and/or amplifiers and can allow for up to 48 inputs and outputs at a time into our high quality Pyramix digital recording system.


  • 48 channel mixing console
  • SSL AD/DA converters offering 48 inputs and outputs at sample rates to 96k
  • Pyramix Virtual Studio DAW
  • 16 track midi with Reason
  • 7 isolation booths
  • Quality microphones and outboard
  • Experienced engineers
  • Record in a variety of ways:  Live to 2 track, live multi-track, full isolated multi-track
  • Specialist microphones and pre-amps available on request
  • Prices from $80 per hour*.  (*based on bulk rate of 4 or more hours.  1 to 4 hours price $110 per hour)

Why choose Continuumusic?

Our engineers have years of recording experience and hundreds of diverse recording credits.  We have operated out of the studio for over 16 years and have provided the Northern Beaches’ recording artists with musical services since well before that.  All our staff are experienced musicians and music tutors, they know their stuff.  Not only about the science but also about the art and the head-space you need to be in when you perform.

If you’re looking to do a polished recording, contact us now to discuss your options.  Email us at or call on (02) 9905 0010