Four reasons we strive to better our musical performance

Why do we strive to better our own musical performance? I can think of four reasons other than economic ones in the following order of importance. To get increased emotional enjoyment from hearing things that are pleasurable to our ears So we can demonstrate our abilities and/or be relied upon to satisfactorily perform with others… Continue Reading

Northern Composure

Warringah Counil’s “Northern Composure” youth band competition is rolling around again.  Continuumusic has been a sponsor of the band comp since its inception and I’ve been one of the judges.  I’m also the house sound engineer at Yo-Yo’s (the venue that the competition is run from).  I’ve had the pleasure of mixing some of the… Continue Reading

The search for newness.

I’ve never been a fan of awards shows in the music or film industry.  Probably because I’ve never won anything.  I’ve never even been nominated.  Only myself to blame for that, I suppose but as a result, I’ve never tuned in or shown any interest in the Grammy Awards, The Oscars, et al as I’ve… Continue Reading

The Conti Christmas Letter

Twas the night before Christmas… Well… a few days before.  I’ll be way too busy on the night before to actually write this so I’m getting it out of the way early.  (unlike my Christmas shopping!!  Gulp!) 2013 was an odd year.  It seemed to be very long and yet be gone in the blink… Continue Reading